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2016 Brochure available to look through

Please click for the new brochure with new foils, designs and products. Available for hard copies, please ring the sales team.
Thursday, March 31, 2016

Standard curved doors NOW available in any design

Crystal Doors can supply any of our designs now on a standard 715 mm high curved door.  Mastering square corners for our Leanne and Statham have proved to be difficult as precision for multiple cutters only became possible with a 2016 update on our CNC software.  The curved door range is across all out standard foils, gloss foils and Kydex material.  We are not able to CNC the range of integral door handles as the cutter is too wide.  We a in the process of purchasing a 5 axis cutter to achieve the same profile so we can achieve the same style as the curved back handle Corian curved doors and painted doors achieve.  For the latest updates, or pricing for 1 curved door or volume orders please ring 01716 351010 or email

Monday, February 8, 2016