New high efficient claw vacuum pump to replace 20 year old two vein pumps. We received a grant for the purchase of a new pump for a CNC to replace two old pumps requiring service in August 2018.  We have seen a saving of over £2000 in electricity, reducing our carbon footprint dramatically. 

New 5kw claw pump to replace two 7.5Kw vein pumps


Crystal Doors has been very active in applying for grants as manufacturers for the last 19 years.  The Managing Director, Richard Hagan, has utilized several government bodies and companies to access the funds.  The success over the past thee and a half years has now exceeded £340,000 in grants.  This money is to secure the 22 jobs and create further jobs until we reach 47 jobs.  Failure to do so, Crystal Doors will have to pay the monies back to the Department of Trade and Industry.  We are monitored every three months and have to  justify why if we have not created further jobs.  Last year the workforce fell below the required amount, however we have had an extension to create further jobs.  The grants have been provided as the company would otherwise have failed without the monies, such is the investment required to keep manufacturing competitively in the UK.  

Below are two links for the editorial of Crystal Doors recent grants


Richard Hagan showing Crystal Doors latest investment

Richard Hagan MD Crystal Doors. Julie Evans Business Development Manager, Rochdale Development Agency. John Hudson CEO, Rochdale Development Agency. Jim Taylor CEO, Rochdale Council