Press Releases

Solar Panels

Here at Crystal Doors we have recently had solar panels installed. Having this source of energy helps us to keep doing our part for the environment and keep our carbon footprint as low as we can get it.

To see a birds eye view of the huge step forward which is enabling us to do our part for the environment click the link below. 

Richard VIP Speaker At The Made Smater Launch 2018


A warm welcome was given to Richard at the Made Smarter launch were he attended as a VIP speaker. The mayor of Liverpool, Joe Anderson spoke, followed by the MD of the Made Smarter innovative. Richard then spoke as the MD of Crystal Doors as an example of how a company can effectively use Integrated digital Technology, Robotics and Industry 4.0 Machinery with in the manufacturing industry.  ​

Richard took the opportunity to explain the importance of how robotics should be used to help Factory workers create a more effective manufacturing environment and not to take over jobs. once again, showcasing and raising the profile for the Vinyl Wrapped industry as well as Rochdale as a Manufacturing Town.  ​