Vinyl Designs


Updated August 2018

We offer a large range of different vinyls from Modern Supermatts to traditional wood grains. Free Vinyl swatches are available on request from our sales team. We always suggest that you see a real sample before going ahead with your order, especially when you are matching vinyls. Vinyls can look a different colour on a computer screen than they do in person.

Some of the foils may not be accessible at the moment for you from either; Egger or Kronospan. We do try our best to match the foils we have in stock, however, it's not possible to give an accurate representation of what it will look like in person, these are the closest matches we have found.

Foil Egger Match Kronospan Match What We Use  What We Advise
Avola Grey / Brown  H1477 K106 U112 - Light Grey Kronospan
Avola White H1474 8921 K101 - White Finsa
Carat White  W980 8685 K101 - White Finsa
Driftwood H3090 K002   Egger
Dark Grey Concrete F187 U112 U112 - Light Grey  Kronospan
Dust Grey Suedette U732 171 K171 - Slate Grey Kronospan
Ellmau Beech New H1582 381 D1639 - Beech Kronospan
French Oak H3331 K081    
French Walnut H3703 0726 D726 - French Walnut Kronospan
Gloss Beige U156 7045 65B - Ivory Finsa
Gloss Black U999 0190 231 - Black Kronospan
Gloss Ivory U222 7031 65B - Ivory Finsa
Gloss Light Gray  U708 0112 U112 - Light Gray  Kronospan
Gloss White W1100 8685 K101- White Finsa
Graphite Gray U961 0164 U112- Light Gray Finsa
Grey Nordic Wood N/A K089 U112 - Light Grey Finsa
Hacienda White H3078 8508 K101 - White Kronospan
Indigo U599 N/A 231 - Black Kronospan
Ivory Ash W1000 0564 65B - Ivory Finsa
Kashmir Ash U156 5981 K5981 - Cashmere Kronospan
Kashmir Smooth U156 5981 K5981 - Cashmere Kronospan
Legno Light Grey U708 N/A U112 - Light Grey Finsa
Lengo White (Painted White Oak) W1100 N/A K101 - White Kronospan
Light Grey Suedette U732 N/A U112 - Light Grey Finsa
Lengo Graphite U961 K016   Kronospan
Lissa Oak  H1154 8925 D8925 - Lissa Oak Kronospan
Light Elm H1725 6596   Kronospan
Matt Dakar U717 N/A 65B - Ivory Kronospan
Matt Grey U727 K096 U112 - Light Grey Finsa
Matt Mussel U100 5982 65B - Ivory Finsa
Mussel Ash U100 5982 65B - Ivory Finsa
Natural Kendal Oak H3170 N/A   Egger
Natural Oak H3303 0757   Egger
Odessa Oak H3382 6540 D6540 - Odessa Kronospan
Opera Walnut H3704 0481 D0481 - Opera Kronospan
Paintable Foil N/A 0110 K101 - White Kronospan
Painted Ivory Oak H1334 N/A K101 - White Kronospan
Pamplona Oak N/A 0305   Kronospan
Snow White W980 8685 K101 - White Finsa
Stilo Walnut H1518 N/A D387 - Stilo Finsa
Textured Black U999 190 D387 - Black Kronospan
Textured Ivory U104 7031 65B - Ivory Finsa
Textured Wenge H3081 0481 D0481 - Opera Walnut Kronospan
Textured White W1100 8685 K101 - White Finsa
Tobacco Craft Oak N/A K004 K004 - Tobacco Craft Oak Kronospan
Tortona Grey Oak H1798 K079    
Vanilla U108 9569 U9569 - Vanilla  Kronospan
Vintage Oak N/A 8197   Kronospan
White Ash H1122 0101 K101 - White Kronospan
Winchester Oak H1381 9277 D9277 - Westminster Oak  Kronospan