Vinyl Designs


Updated August 2018

We offer a large range of different vinyls from Modern Supermatts to traditional wood grains. Free Vinyl swatches are available on request from our sales team. We always suggest that you see a real sample before going ahead with your order, especially when you are matching vinyls. Vinyls can look a different colour on a computer screen than they do in person.


Foil Egger Match Kronospan Match What We Use  What We Advise
Alfawood Natural H3730 21 D65040 - Odessa Kronospan
American Oak     D8925 - Lissa Oak Kronospan
Avola Champagne H1476 8921 65B - Ivory Finsa
Avola Grey / Brown  H1477 K106 U112 - Light Grey Kronospan
Avola White H1474 8921 K101 - White Finsa
Carat White  W980 8685 K101 White Finsa
Dark Grey Concrete     U112 - Light Grey  Finsa
Dust Grey Suedette U732 171 K171 Slate Grey Kronospan
Ellmau Beech New H1582 381 D1639 - Beech Kronospan
French Walnut H3703 0726 D726 - French Walnut Kronospan
Gloss Alabaster U222 0514 65B - Ivory Finsa
Gloss Beige U156 7045 65B - Ivory Finsa
Gloss Black U999 0190 231 - Black Kronospan
Gloss Ivory U222 7031 65B - Ivory Finsa
Gloss Light Gray  U708 0112 U112 - Light Gray  Kronospan
Gloss White W1100 8685 K101- White Finsa
Graphite Gray U961 0164 U112- Light Gray Finsa
Hacienda Black H3081 8509 231 - Black Kronospan
Hacienda White H3078 8508 K101 - White Kronospan
Indigo U599   231 - Black Kronospan
Ivory Ash W1000 0564 65B - Ivory Finsa
Kashmir Ash U156 5981 K5981 - Cashmere Kronospan
Kashmir Smooth U156 5981 K5981 - Cashmere Kronospan
Legno Light Grey     U112 - Light Grey Finsa
Lengo White (Painted White Oak)     K101 - White Kronospan
Light Gray Ash U763 0112 U112 - Light Gray Finsa
Light Grey Suedette   0112 U112 - Light Grey Finsa
Lissa Oak  D8925 8925 D8925 - Lissa Oak Kronospan
Matt Dakar U717   65B - Ivory Kronospan
Matt Grey U727 K096 U112 - Light Grey Finsa
Matt Mussel U100 5982 65B - Ivory Finsa
Moldau Oak H1298 8622 65B - Ivory Kronospan
Mussel Ash U100 5982 65B - Ivory Finsa
Nordic Grey Wood   K089 U112 - Light Grey Finsa
Odessa Oak H3382 6540 D6540 - Odessa Kronospan
Opera Walnut H3704 0481 D0481 - Opera Kronospan
Paintable Foil     K101 - White Kronospan
Painted Ivory Oak     K101 - White Kronospan
Platinum White Ash     K101 - White Kronospan
Porcelain White Oak     K101 - White Kronospan
Sand Beige U156 7045 U156 - Sand Beige Finsa
Snow White W980 8685 K101 - White Finsa
Sonoma Oak H1146 8197 D8197 - Sonoma Kronospan
Stilo Walnut     D387 - Stilo Finsa
Textured Black U999 190 D387 - Black Kronospan
Textured Ivory U104 7031 65B - Ivory Finsa
Textured Wenge H3081 8509 D0481 - Opera Walnut Kronospan
Textured White W1100 8685 K101 - White Finsa
Vanilla U108 9569 U9569 - Vanilla  Kronospan
White Ash     K101 - White Kronospan
Winchester Oak H1381 9277 D9277 - Westminster Oak  Kronospan